Thursday, February 25, 2010

Katie Makkai - Pretty

Will. I. Be. Pretty ?

What woman's psyche hasn't echoed some variation of this question until pretty seems no longer like a word - a lowly little adjective - but rather an ultimatum?

Wanted. Worthy. Pretty.

In some strange, strange thesaurus, these words have become synonymous.

"The word Pretty is not worth of everything you are meant to be". We are not meant to be merely pretty.

I am not a doll. I am not an ornament. Until a doll can be strong, ambitious, intelligent, creative, talented, vivacious, perceptive, and pretty, there is no room on my foot for the Mattel patent or a "Made in China" stamp.

Wear Joy.
Live Passionately.
Take Care of Yourself.
There, not in the Little Blue Box or the Big Brown Bag, is all the pretty in the world.
Maybe there's time yet to scrounge up the funds for the Prada pants on super-sale at Barneys that hug my pretty in all the right places.


  1. so, so, so good.
    we ARE pretty...pretty f*cking awesome. :)

  2. Pretty is such an interesting and valued term!

  3. The first time peoplelook at you, they see a doll. People have forgotten to look more deeply than first wonder pretty is so important.