Sunday, March 7, 2010


Despite having my first lazy Sunday morning in what seems like forever (time for two cups of coffee and some blog-reading from the warm nest of my bed!), I've got a busy-bee day ahead!

I'm graduating in less than sixty days (EEK!), but I'm staying in the same area because my current job becomes full-time for the summer. The decision to stay local also is partially because I can't bear to move back home towards the family and away from all the University friends.

Later today I'm meeting with two potential roommates. In less than two hours I'll be meeting the first for lunch at Panera bread (Garden Vegetable Pesto Soup, be warned, because I'm coming for you). Later this evening the second gal is having a cookout for some friends and invited me to stop by to see the place. This should be interesting!

Between meet-ups I'll be doing an easy jog around our local lake - a 2.85 mile track. Squeeze in a post-run shower and a few errands and hopefully I'll be home in time to watch Gia on Lifetime Movie Network (yes, crown me the Queen of Lame).

Sounds like its going to be a Venti-Cafe-Americano kind of day, but it should be productive! I don't mind busy days when I get good things done! Sorry for the picture-less post, but have a brilliant rest of your weekend!


  1. Oh, my blessed jewel--it's Jean Paul Gaultier for Target day, don't you know? ;)
    Have a fun time with potench (word?) roomies!

  2. Of course I know that! What else do you think I meant by "errands"?! Very disappointing, though. Didn't buy anything, only saw one top that I marginally liked, which I decided to wait to see if/when it hits the sale racks.