Tuesday, March 9, 2010

All Hail Spring!

 I ran my lake trail again today, and it was much less of a struggle than yesterday. Thank goodness! Moral of the story: no more week-long gym hiatus-es!

After the run I was ridiculously hungry but not ready for a full-on lunch, so I busted out a California avocado and sliced a quarter of it into wonky little strips, heaped em up on top of half a 100 calorie whole wheat English muffin, and scarfed. Lemme tell ya, I was the absolutely epitome of lovely right there, attacking that sucker, which I may or may not have made a second one of :) Carbs + Avocado = Heaven in my book! Thinking about all those avocado trees bursting with fruit makes me even more excited about the onset of spring!

Speaking of things that make me ridiculously excited, I think I've settled on an apartment! In less than 60 days, I could be moving into this:

I know it's a blurry shot, but Google seems to have a grudge against me, and it was all I could pull up that didn't have the apartment name and sales info plastered across it.

I really am in love with it, though. The potential roommate was such a sweetheart, the rent is right in my range, and the basic utilities are paid for by the apartment complex.

It's right off our Interstate, about 10 minutes from my work (although I have a suspicion that has more to do with my lead foot than the actual geographical distance!) and 15 minutes from my university (read: the friends I have now that will still be in school next year). There's a huge screening room in the lobby, perfect for hosting football parties (something I've dreamed about since I was old enough to think about having my own place). Not to mention that all of five minutes ago when I was Googling the complex for a photo, I found out that the different floor plans are named after famous artists; there's an O'Keefe, Chagall, Matisse (that would be mine!), Monet, and Dali. I totally geeked out for a few minutes and feel like that was the last sign to tell me it's perfect :)

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